PICTURE QUESTION: As Frans squared up to Mike, who was squaring up to Mick?

1. Why will smokers who work for Thurrock Borough Council be getting home later?

2. Who have controversially started the new year, and every month this year, with a bang?

3. How can humble humans lick computers in the new millennium for 63p?

4. How did $3m fall into Philip Ozersky's hands?

5. Why did Disney have to rescue the Rescuers?

6. Whom do 966 Sun readers say they would sleep with?

7. Why is Philippe the frog luckier than Freddie the frog?

8.What do Dominic Lawson, Unscom and furbies have in common?

9. Which US sportsman retired on a score of 25,000?

10. Which city is the most expensive in the world, according to the Economic Intelligence Unit ?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Jerry Hall, who has filed for divorce from Mick Jagger. 1. Because they've been ordered to work an extra 30 minutes each day to make up for smoking breaks. 2. The IRA, in the Republican Resistance Calendar 1999, featuring masked men with rifles. 3. On special millennium stamps. 4. He caught the baseball hit by Mark McGwire for his record-breaking home run. It was auctioned for $3m. 5. All 3.4 million Rescuers videos had to be recalled because a topless woman was in the cartoon. 6. Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, according to a survey. 7. While Freddie, the last known pool frog in Britain died, the Royal Academy hopes to sell thousands of Philippes, a spin-off of their forthcoming Monet show. 8. All have been suspected of spying. 9. Basketball legend Michael Jordan, who scored 25,000 points. 10. Tokyo.