Picture question: A Buddhist abbot warned last week that "Hong Kong will suffer retribution". For what?

1. Why didn't the New Year begin on time in Bournemouth?

2. Who has made a resolution not to work on Sundays and to take one weekend off in four?

3. What was Reginald Dwight so happy about last week ...?

4. ... and which two Sirs are helping Disney with something believed to be too gloomy and hard to pronounce?

5. What have Taylor Hackford and Bernie Bourke done that David Beckham has not done yet?

6. How did an actress save the Italian army in 1983?

7. Why did a dog and bone ring a bell for the dog, who had thought it was a bone?

8. What was last used by a Russian on 28 June 1996, but has now been distressingly sunk for ever?

9. Who is up in the air, if not quite over the moon, while his rival has been brought down to earth with a shoulder injury?

10. What is the difference, in bodily terms, between breast-fed babies and lottery winners?