Picture question: In which European city did this protest against the fur trade take place?

1. Where will the Pharmacy not be serving preserved carcass of lamb?

2. Which sack was found to hold more than the pounds 155,500 expected of it?

3. Which 77-year-old hopes to repeat something he last did 36 years ago?

4. What was it that Leslie Knott claimed to have forgotten, and thought that he was in Ipswich at the time he did it?

5. Why will Bill not be receiving any more letters?

6. Which Candle was found to be Simply The Best Way to Knock on Heaven's Door?

7. Where did the "crass amateur" meet the "most odious man" last week?

8. Which part of the body has been associated with a possible cure for jet lag, and how should it be stimulated?

9. Which old 54-year-old turned 60 a day later?

10. What can you do with a bra and pants this week that you couldn't do last week?

11. What act, between a married couple, was made a criminal offence in Turkey last week?

12. What was found to have added up to more than 703 days (1,013,411 minutes to be precise) in December?