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Picture question: The ostrich feather-clad participants in this Mardi Gras carnival claim it rivals those in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and Venice. So which publicity-hungry country is it taking place in?

1. Where were a tiger, a bear, a pig, a donkey and a marsupial declared to be very comfortable and in no need of a change of address?

2. Why was Manchester bad news for the life of birds?

3. A woman in Texas ate a tossed salad, banana and peach. What happened next?

4. What is the connection between an English wit and a Brazilian songwriter, and where does Oliver Flutterwick come into it?

5. A new group has been formed in Bonn to campaign against the infiltration of English words into the German language. So what do they want to call a "Rollkugeleingaberat"?

6. Which hero-slayer did Ann Clwyd say has "lost his marbles", and which First World War poet was not court-marshalled because his mind was considered to be "in chaos".

7. How did a transport supremo's wife suffer a slipped disc on the M4?

8. Daniel Hooper has had his hair cur short and wants his friends to call him "Dan". What did we all call him last year?

9. "To describe Irvine, only the p-word will do", said the Times on Friday; "M-word spreads a chill to the heart of power", said the Telegraph on the same day. What are the p-word and the M-word?

10. How did accusations of child-battering and the murder of a policeman affect a library in Wiltshire?


Picture question: Belgium, in a town called Binche. 1. The Americans are resisting a request for the Pooh Five - the original models for Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Kanga - to be returned to England. 2. Film for David Attenborough's TV programme The Life of Birds was damaged by X-ray scanners at Manchester airport. 3. She was executed by lethal injection. It was Karla Tucker's last meal. 4. Zeca Baleiro has won an award for his song "Por Onde Andar Stephen Fry?" (Where is Stephen Fry going?). Fry commented that the song was "absolutely marvellous" but added: "If I was called Oliver Flutterwick ... you would have had a much harder task." 5. A (computer) mouse - it means "roller-ball-entering-device". 6. Brian Walden (for his remarks about Nelson Mandela), and Siegfried Sassoon (for his pacifist writings). 7. Glenys Kinnock, wife of the EU transport commissioner, was stopped in her Rover 600 because the tax disc was out of date. 8. Swampy. 9. Pompous and Monica. 10. An illustrated Punch and Judy book was removed from the shelves in Marlborough library after complaints from parents.