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Picture question: sports goods exhibitor Jeff Watson wins the affection of a grizzly bear at a trade show in Des Moines, Iowa. But in what circumstances was kissing - between humans - discouraged last week?

1. Whose wives' mothers have been banned from holiday resorts?

2. Where have holiday prospects improved now that evidence of a drought has been found to have been exaggerated?

3. Which journey is about to take up to seven minutes longer without taking any longer at all?

4. How will the England football team will be on home turf when they play in Marseilles during this year's World Cup?

5. A plaque was unveiled last week in Parliament Square to honour John Peale Knight. What did he do to merit it?

6. Who ordered spaghetti and beans take-away when he couldn't find anything he liked at the local Indian restaurants?

7. Which 75th birthday party had Bill Clinton, Mel Brooks, Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates among the guests?

8. Why might scientists be shouting at lesbians?

9. Which is the odd one out in Europe: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish?

10. Which role did Baroness Thatcher lose last week after being accused of not showing enough interest?

11. Why did Nick Howell wake up with a right royal headache?

12. How did a river crossing linked to a hired companion suddenly come into focus?

ANSWERS TO QUIZ OF THE WEEK Picture question: Warrington councillors have asked for "No Kissing" signs to be put up at Bank Quay station, because amorous farewells delay trains. 1. Stand-up comics at Butlin's, where mother-in-law jokes have been banned. 2. The moon, where water has been discovered. 3. Journeys between London and the South-west, for which Great Western Trains have amended their timetables, so fewer trains will be registered as late. 4. Because it will have been grown from English seeds. 5. He invented the firstwor king traffic lights, which went up there. 6. Shane Warne, touring with the Australians in India, ordered tins of beans and spaghetti to be sent from home after he found spicy food not to his liking. 7. The birthday of Time magazine 8. Lesbianism hasbeen associated with a defect in the inner ear that makes them harder of hearing than heterosexual women. 9. Italian. Speeches at the forthcoming meeting of European leaders in London will be translated into the other languages, but not Italian. 10. Presiden t of Grantham City football club. 11. A portion of the ceiling of the ballroom at Buckingham Palace fell on his head. 12. The Ford (river crossing) Escort (hired companion) is to be renamed the Focus.