Picture question: Englishman John Evans - the man with the strongest head in the world - balances a car on his head at a show in Singapore last week. But which social type was characterised as White Van Man?

1. How might Plymouth University, the member for Brent East, and custard be connected?

2. And what is the connection between Darwin, Blackpool and the Seychelles?

3. Which sexual problem caused the president to write to Doris Day?

4. ... and why is there a mystery about 24 seconds in the presidential itinerary at 8.38 am on Tuesday?

5. Which is the odd one out: liquorice, pumpkin pie, baby powder, men's cologne, cucumber?

6. Why is 0171 930 9000 not a secret any more?

7. How did pounds 400 in a brown envelope land a British institution in court?

8. Why is Ian McCulloch feeling over the moon to be on top of the world?

9. Which widows made an unusual offer to a cat in Weston-Super-Mare?

10. ... and which mothers are considering stopping being mothers in order to attract more men and single women?

11. Who kept his title after a 90-89 victory?

12. Who was mistaken for a Cetacean in Canada after being put right through a keyhole in Britain?