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Picture Question: 10-year-old Chris Wilson tries out a machine to simulate the disorientation of space flight in Florida. A moon of which planet is the latest to provide evidence of life?

1. The G8 leaders held their summit in Birmingham last week. That's the UK, United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, France and ... who are the other two?

2. As the G8 summit ended, delegates began to arrive in London for Europatreffen 98 . What unusual accommodation problem faced the organisers of that event?

3. Who put his dreams away in the company of Beethoven, Mozart and Tomas Luis De Victoria?

4. What began in March 1966 and ended at 9am on Thursday last week?

5. a) It weighs 0.28g (about a hundredth of an ounce) and sold for $4,600. What is it?

b) It has "some woodworm", was owned by an eminent Victorian, and sold for pounds 26,450. What is it?

c) It has a British pedigree going back more than 200 years and was sold to a Frenchman for pounds 10.6m. What is it?

6. Where has an extremely old cheese roll been banned on safety grounds, though they hope it will be back again next year?

7. Who doubts whether Leonardo DiCaprio is worth pounds 25,000 and has therefore put him on its "maybe" list?

8. How did Rattee reunite a snake and Brian after they had lost each other?

9. What links a gardener, Mme Ginoux, and a man's cottage?

10. Who suggested that the honourable member for Kensington and Chelsea ought to put his house in order?

11. Where did Arabidopsis Thaliana show that she wasn't such a weed after all?

12. And who said that they had gone places, when they'd only said they were going places, and then said they hadn't been anywhere anyway?


Picture question: Jupiter. 1. Italy and Canada. 2. Finding beds large enough. This is the annual gathering of Tall Persons of Europe. 3. Frank Sinatra, at whose funeral Beethoven's Ode to Joy, Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus and De Victoria's Agnus Dei were sung, together with Sinatra's own recording of "Put Your Dreams Away". 4. Suharto's reign as president of Indonesia. 5. a) A piece of a meteorite from Mars; b) WG Grace's cricket bat; c) Christie's auction house. 6. The traditional Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling Races in Witcombe, near Gloucester, have been called off through fear of injuries that may be caused by rolling a Double Gloucester down a hill. 7. Madame Tussaud's. 8. Mr Justice Rattee gave Monty Python back the rights to distribute their film The Life of Brian. 9. They were all stolen from the National Museum of Modern Art in Rome last week: The Gardener, The Woman of Arles (portrait of Mme Ginoux), both by Van Gogh, and Cezanne's Cabanon de Jourdain (Jourdain's Cottage). 10. National Heritage, who have put Saltwood Castle, which is owned by Alan Clark, on their Buildings at Risk register. 11. At the Chelsea Flower Show where the garden weed thale cress (Arabidopsis Thaliana) won a silver medal in the education and science section. 12. Art students from Leeds pretended they had spent a grant on a holiday in the Costa del Sol. The hoax - or the holiday - was presented as an art project called "Going Places".