Picture question: Italian porn diva La Cicciolina won a mother- of-the-year award in Rome last week in spite of losing custody of her her son on the grounds that she was unfit to be a parent. Who is the boy's father?

1. Where exactly is Sierra Leone? With which countries does it share a border?

2. Why are bemused French travellers asking: "Le quoi?"

3. How did 10,000 opponents of honky-, kike-, queer- and nigger-bashing lose their battle?

4. Whose penetrating eyes were revealed to shine unmistakably through disguises, including baldness, a full beard, a shaved moustache and glasses?

5. What may become rarer through attack by superbugs, black pod and watches' broom?

6. What may become better, thanks to research showing that of its six crystalline forms, a type known as V is smoothest?

7. How did the grocer lose his name?

8. How did last year's Maytime enemies become this year's Maytime allies?

9. The forthcoming BBC series The Human Body announced some statistics about human life. What are the missing items in the following: in an average lifetime we -- 415 million times, produce 70,385 pints of --, spend three- and-a-half years --, and -- 2,580 times.

10. Who went green on public transport, and what was missing?

11. Where was scum on the water transformed into a more acceptable alternative?

12. In Belfast, home-owners are being attacked and thrown out by squatters, just because their attackers find the homes to their liking. Why is nothing being done to stop it?