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Picture Question: The leader of the Hungarian Witch Association bewitches a magic ball in his Budapest home. Which hapless Scottish footballer wishes he could have done the same against Brazil?

1. Where have trousers finally been let in after 145 years?

2. How did David and Gordon emerge to increase four to six?

3. Which travellers will no longer be so eager to receive a letter in August?

4. Which Beauty Queen scored four times after 22 rejections?

5. Which poor, infirm, weak and despised old man should not have gone to school in Bradford?

6. Which uncommon sibling has commonly entered the same place as his brother?

7. Which fashion icon has been deemed underdressed for travelling on Eurostar or the Heathrow Express?

8. What colour were the following:

a) the painted faces of Scottish fans, which caused them to be stopped at French passport control

b) the colour that will dominate the Millennium Dome, because it is judged most pleasing to the eye

c) the Paul Smith suits of the English soccer squad

9. Which competition launched last week will have British schoolchildren praying that their hopes and aspirations will be realised?

10. Who made a "business decision, not political" to gather no tax bill? ANSWERS TO QUIZ OF THE WEEK Picture question: Tom Boyd, whose own goal gave Brazil a 2-1 win in the opening World Cup match. 1. Cheltenham Ladies' College, where older pupils will be allowed a change from the traditional skirts. 2. David Borrow and Gordon Marsden declared their homosexuality, bringing the number of openly gay MPs up to six. 3. New-car buyers: the number-plate system is to be changed to twice-yearly registration. 4. The Beauty Queen of Leenane, a play by Martin McDonagh, won four Tony Awards after being turned down 22 times by British theatres and TV. 5. Sixth-formers at Bradford Grammar, taking A-level English literature, were shocked to find no questions on King Lear ("poor, infirm, weak and despised old man"), which they had studied in error. 6. Prince Harry has passed the Common Entrance examination to Eton College where Prince William already studies. 7. A poster of a young, naked Yves St Laurent has been banned from those trains because it might cause offence. 8. a) blue, b) yellow, c) beige. 9. Lord Lloyd- Webber launched a competition through the Open Churches Trust to write a prayer expressing hopes and aspirations for the new millennium. 10. The Rolling Stones cancelled British concerts to save pounds 12m in tax.