Picture question: Regarding communication, which is the odd one out: Roger Moore, Patrick Moore, the All Blacks rugby team, an orang-utan, Lord Healey?

1. Who said "Gwnaf" to whom, and what does it mean?

2. For what were Shoes, Boots, Top Secret and Subpoena rejected?

3. Why are Santa's dwarfs bigger than usual, and playing the role with greater conviction in Kirklees?

4. Who sat down after rocking the boat for the last time?

5. Why was the vicar offender by an ampersand?

6. Who used to be called "Fatty" but denied that it led him to his choice of career?

7. How did a winning captain from St Anne's, Oxford, relate to a losing captain from King's College London?

8. Who was diagnosed as having high cholesterol level and a headache 337 years too late?

9. Where did a disaster lead to no deaths but nine births?

10. Who had his chips after being ratted on by rattus norvegicus?


Picture: The orang-utan; the rest have eyebrows, found last week to have a significant role in communication, particularly for those named in the question. 1. William Hague to Ffion Jenkins - it is Welsh for "I do". 2. They were all names suggested by members of the American public for the President's dog - now named Buddy. 3. Some convicts are dressing up as Santa's little helpers as community service. 4. Stubby Kaye, who sang "Sit down, you're rocking the boat" in Guys and Dolls, died aged 89. 5. The Rev Paul Ainsworth, vicar of St Stephen's, Moortown, Leeds, objected to Marks & Spencer adverts which replaced the "A" in CHRISTMAS with a "&". 6. Carlos the Jackal. 7. His mother: Annabel Stockwell (St Anne's, 1963), and Dominic Donald (King's 1997) are the first mother and son to captain their respective University Challenge teams. 8. Rembrandt, whose self-portrait of 1659 has been examined by a medical specialist. 9. In Guam, where the low pressure associated with a typhoon induced nine early deliveries. 10. Michael Zanakis was convicted of fraud in New York for trying to extort money from McDonald's after frying the tail of an albino laboratory rat (rattus norvegicus) and claiming it was in his chips.