Picture question: Greenpeace protests against over-fishing in Argentina, but which fish are they disguised as?

1. Why are visitors to the Blairs being shown the door in a different way?

2. Where did a new town come off best after bumping into a cobbler?

3. Which is the odd one out: fluff; dust; burnt wood; a skeleton; a painting; noisy, coloured cushions?

4. Which ham production did critics consider to be too wet?

5. Which Time Bomb went up, then went off, causing no damage, because it was too cold.

6. What won't be in Lord Winston's pick of the week?

7. Where were Mary and Mary quite contrary in their opinions over who should do Mary's work?

8. Where did an ex-king become an ex-ex-king?

9. Which Swiss style of accommodation isn't, and has been banned because people might think it is?

10. Which painter's work was described as "naive" by a critic, after one of his early watercolours sold for pounds 4,600?

11. Who will be dreaming their Christmas dreams away to the sides of and above, but not underneath, the arches?

12. I say! Who is cross at what the wicked Americans have done with his ginger beer and chocolate biscuits - or to put it another way: Yoo-hoo! Who is angry at what the mean Americans have done to his ginger ale and cookies?


Picture question: Hake (the vital clue is merluza, the Spanish for hake). 1. Bob Jordan, the doorman at 10 Downing Street, retired last week. 2. At the Spanish Grand Prix, where Jacques Villeneuve (new town) won after a collision with Michael Schumacher (shoemaker). 3. A painting: the others are entries in the Turner Prize. 4. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food accused 16 supermarket pork products of containing undeclared extra water. 5. Members of the environmental protest group "Time Bomb" climbed up the building works for the Millennium Dome, but left because it was too cold. 6. His nose: he suggested in the House of Lords that the government should spend money encouraging people not to pick their noses. 7. The Irish presidential election, where Mary McAleese led Mary Banotti in the vote to succeed Mary Robinson. 8. In Lesotho, where ex-King Letsie III was crowned again. 9. A court has ruled that Cadbury's "Swiss Chalet" chocolate must change its name because people might believe it is Swiss chocolate. 10. Adolf Hitler. 11. Admiralty Arch will be used to accommodate the homeless this Christmas. 12. These are some changes made in a production of Noddy for American television.