Quiz Of The Week

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Picture question: The Marquis of Bath and Winston Churchill owned it, and it sold last week for pounds 66,400. What is it?

1. Why will a millennium in mint condition be worth 10 times as much as a 50-year-old NHS?

2. How have a gasman, an architect, and a lawyer brought 21 back up to 24 on merit alone?

3. Why was a chicken tikka masala accused of bringing the law into disarray at Guildford Crown Court?

4. What has come to the end of the road after 30 years motoring?

5. Where are 452 now able to sit, after waiting several years, at a cost of pounds 511m.

6. Where was Scottie unable to beam it up, but delivered the goods with a safe pair of hands?

7. How has cloning weaved a fourth resurrection?

8. Who has put his name down for Four Bottles of Best Italian - two red and two white?

9. Who were dissatisfied with a visit to the barber in Shaftesbury Avenue?

10. Michael Barrymore, Jimmy Tarbuck and Des O'Connor all wore it, but now it will be replaced by something more fashionable. What is it?

11. Students in Pakistan went on the rampage after being refused the right to what?

12. Where did ships and matchsticks fetch pounds 386,500?