Picture question: This picture comes from a land where a prince would not have been able to purchase a pair of blue jeans or a television, however many ngultrums he had on him. Which country?

1. How did another Prince meet his match without losing his world title?

2. How did the sum of $442,500 set a new record in Los Angeles last week?

3. ... and which other new record was set at 18 years and 59 days?

4. ... and which jumper jumped into history at the Science Museum?

5. ... and which type of competition produced this score line: "During 39 contests, 287 strikes led to 46 inseminations in 12 pairs".

6. In which country has a mausoleum, that once housed the embalmed body of a former leader, been proposed as a suitable location for up to 4.5 million dead Tamagotchis?

7. Yesterday, as you may have heard, was Valentine's Day. Which other National Day was it in Britain, and, while we are on the subject, which Awareness Week might we have been aware of?

8. What were Colin and Agnes Stewart relieved to find in their rubbish bag?

9. How have five rings been joined by 22 balls?

10. And whose ring cost pounds 3,000 more than its owner had bargained for?

11. Who is the odd one out: Ashley Raines, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky?

12. Why might the forces of law and order have had a bone or two to pick with the father of the lightning conductor?

Picture: Bhutan, where the ngultrum is the unit of currency, blue jeans and televisions are banned, and Prince Charles visited last week. 1. Prince Naseem Hamed, world featherweight boxing champion, marries Elisha Elfinstone. 2. The price fetched at auction by the lyrics of "Candle in the Wind", as rewritten by Bernie Taupin and Elton John for Diana's funeral. 3. The age at which Michael Owen became England's youngest footballer. 4. The woolly jumper made from the fleece of Dolly the cloned sheep. 5. The figures come from a paper in Nature explaining how bisexual marine flatworms indulge in mating duels, fencing with their sharp penises. 6. Bulgaria, where the body of Georgi Dimitrov was cremated after the fall of Communism. 7. National Impotence Day and Marriage Awareness Week. 8. Lottery ticket worth pounds 2.4m. 9. Snooker has been recognised as an Olympic sport.10. Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) paid a penalty pounds 3,000 on a ring brought to Britain without VAT paid. 11. Linda Tripp is the only one not alleged to have had any sexual connection with Clinton; she gathered evidence from the others prepared to talk to her. 12. Bones of at least 10 bodies were found under a London house once occupied by Benjamin Franklin.