PICTURE QUESTION: as a Bavarian farmer tried a novel method to bring a heiffer home from its summer pasture, which 20 per cent was still refusing to come on board at Bournemouth?

1. "I am 24 years old and I would like to get some sleep." Whose explanation was this for leaving what job?

2. China's pounds 48bn-a-year exports to America could be put in jeopardy by an unlikely enemy. What is it?

3. Heavy cloud meant that Britain missed out on an event which last occurred in 1947. What was it?

4. Crowds at New Year's Eve parties at the millennium have been encouraged to put down their drinks and say a quiet prayer. But who will be conspicuously absent?

5. A red-breasted snipe newly flown over from Alaska excited comment in the mudflats of Lancashire last week. Where should it have ended up?

6. Cigars have been afforded a new notoriety following the Lewinsky case. But whose was airbrushed out last week for the sake of political correctness?

7. Which chauffeur walked free after his employers tried to have him jailed for selling their secrets?

8. The asking price for 100 fish preserved in a formaldehyde cabinet started at pounds 100,000, but bidding stopped at pounds 85,000. Why should anyone have wanted to pay so much?

9. Fleece tops and polo shirts in mango and champagne have replaced brown dresses and hats from Harrods - for whom?

10. Who said: "It's fascinating. I'm enjoying this. It's a shame I am here under these circumstances"?

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