Picture Question: What can non-native Alaskans do with a reindeer in 1997 that they couldn't do in 1996?

Can you match the right animals to some of the weirder news stories of 1997? The answers to the following questions are: camel, cat, cobra, dog, elephant, komodo dragon, pot-bellied pig, another pot-bellied pig, pigeon, tortoise - but which is which?

1. This animal had its life saved by the Heimlich manoeuvre after it passed out when eating grapes.

2. Germany organised its first race for this type of animal and Australia opened its first slaughterhouse specifically for them.

3. An Indian insurance company launched a policy to pay for their cremations.

4. The British celebrated a hundred years of racing with this creature.

5. His name was Archie and plans to erect a plaque in his honour caused a commotion in Cheltenham.

6. A naked Russian artist called Oleg Kulik imitated this animal in a gallery in New York.

7. This animal named Frankie had a face-lift because it was too fat to see properly.

8. Muffin became the first of her type to have a cataract removed from her eye.

9. Gringo, a Pakistani circus performer, said he likes to eat this animal "as they are very tasty and the flesh is very soft".

10. Australian scientists found that one species of this animal can breathe underwater through its bottom.

performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on a pot-bellied pig. 2. Camels - there were protests at the German race, but there is apparently a growing demand for camel meat in Australia. 3. Elephants - the scheme was introduced in the state of Kerala. 4. Pigeon-racing was 100 years old this year. 5. Archie the Cat, a real live cat who is the hero of a children's book. 6. A dog - he sat in a cage and barked at people. 7. Ian Rose of Banbury paid for his pot-bellied pig to have a face-lift after it kept bumping into things. 8. A Komodo dragon - the operation was performed in the United States. 9. Cobra - he is known as the snake-eater. 10. A tortoise - but it breathes through its mouth on land.