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I am old and I am lame. I cannot fight and I cannot run. So I am inclined to be tolerant - Lord Soper, asked how he deals with hecklers at Hyde Park Corner at the age of 90

When I was a junior reporter aged 19 and Nigel (Short) was 14, I managed a draw with him. Mind you, he was playing 19 other players simultaneously - Arthur Leathley, journalist, on an early encounter with Britain's chess master

I have sat in the Cabinet for six years now. It just seems like 60 - John Major

Coal is emotive and coal is sexy. The Government has allowed itself to be conned by the coal lobby - Raymond Robertson, Tory MP, supporting the gas industry

I looked into his eyes and there was a contract - Thomas Ward, an American lawyer, who denies theft of pounds 5.2m from Guinness, claiming it was a legitimate fee agreed with Eric Saunders, the company's former chief executive

I have unfortunately washed my hands many times since I shook hands with Elgar - Sir Yehudi Menuhin

Big sums might go through my bank account, but they don't seem to stay there - Fay Weldon, who earns about pounds 200,000 per novel

It was a happy weekend. The exchange rate mechanism claimed its fifth victim: the Irish punt - Lord Ridley

He was such a good actor, it was like being married to 30 men - Barbara Kelly, wife of Bernard Braden, who died this week

This is absolutely great journalism. But how did you find me? Even my boss doesn't know where I am - Kelvin MacKenzie, editor of the 'Sun', to journalists who located him in Barbados with his girlfriend

A lot of people find it difficult to enjoy this work. You have to accept the whole concept of abstract art - Tate Gallery spokesman on a display of 120 bricks