An actor without a leading actress is like a butterfly without wings: it's a worm.

Roberto Benigni dedicating his Bafta award to his wife and co-star, Nicoletta Braschi

This is not the decision of a fair-minded man. He has placed his ambitions above his duties and so demeaned his office.

Baroness Thatcher's criticism of the Home Secretary's decision that Senator Pinochet's extradition proceedings must go ahead

The English gentleman is no longer admired worldwide because he doesn't behave properly.

Dame Barbara Cartland

I don't think I would have turned to crime had I not played cricket. I would have played football instead.

Ian Botham

David and I haven't got that many friends. We could have our wedding in a post box if we wanted to.

Spice Girl Victoria Adams on her forthcoming marriage to football star David Beckham

In Yugoslavia, the Albanians shouldn't fear anyone, especially not the Serbs.

Slobodan Milosevic's wife, Mirjana Markovic