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It is not about being a hawk - it is about being right.

An aide to Tony Blair commenting on the Prime Minister's "hawk" image over Kosovo

We have got ourselves into a dangerous situation where a Labour government appears as if it is being gratuitously offensive to its own natural supporters.

Welsh Office minister Peter Hain MP

I have no intention of dying on stage.

Peter O'Toole, preparing to reprise his eponymous role in 'Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell'

I think Tony Blair's hair is a national disgrace so I wrote to him to see if I could help. I haven't heard a dicky-bird.

Mayfair hairdresser Ian Matthews

We know we're going back to the Sahara. It'll make Saddam Hussein's looting of Kuwait look like child's play.

Ibrahim, a 30-year-old Kosovan refugee, on returning to his homeland

I used to sit in my lingerie in the window, hoping Tony would stroll by on patrol.

Novelist Kathy Lette on sharing a Neighbourhood Watch scheme with the Prime Minister

I should have liked to be leader of the Liberal Democrats, but the party wants rather more emollient qualities in its leader than I possess.

Menzies Campbell, MP