When I look at some of the inner-city schools, it is no wonder parents feel they have to move their children out.

Tony Blair

It is only in the union between two sexually different persons that the perfection of the individual can occur, in a synthesis of unity and of mutual psychic-physical completeness.

The Pope

I always wanted to go at a time when people would be saying, why is he going, rather than why isn't he going.

Paddy Ashdown announcing his forthcoming resignation as Liberal Democrat leader

He's a good, brave and honourable soldier.

Ex-chancellor Norman Lamont on ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet

What appears to have caused offence is not too little truth but too much honesty.

Hilary du Pre on criticism of her account of the life of her sister, Jacqueline

I've learned my lessons. I hope I never tell any lies again.

Jonathan Aitken

Of course he's said it, there's hardly anything he hasn't said.

William Hague when told a speech he gave echoed Tony Blair's views