I am very concerned because it will lead to basically the breakdown of the global capitalist system.

George Soros, financier, on the world financial crisis

In the general global scheme of things, the cut is like waving an elastoplast when someone's got a broken leg.

James Dewhurst, Charterhouse Tilney Securities on the quarter point cut in interest rates

Already, the Euro-sceptics are moving the goal posts. Mr Portillo is now self-evidently putting himself at the head of a campaign, called The Nation State, in order to move the Conservative party to a position of "never".

Michael Heseltine

The party isn't run by big beasts in the jungle any more. It belongs to the members.

William Hague

I said he was the one who had the snip, while I was the one who should have had it.

Lord (Cecil) Parkinson, on being mistaken for his namesake, broadcaster Michael Parkinson

It was an absurd consequence of carrying this absurd name that I have.

Lord Bingham, son of Lord Lucan, on his arrest after claims he attacked an ex-girlfriend

It's not for man to stigmatise any fellow citizen as irredeemable; it seems to me there is a possibility of redemption.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Bingham, arguing against life sentences

Encourage your students to be opinionated, hard edged not soft focused, opinionated about man, money and God.

Chris Patten, to the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' annual conference

You can feel at home in China, free to talk about anything with us. Nothing will offend us. I invite you to say anything on your mind.

Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, to Tony Blair

If my head was a ball it would have been in the top corner of the net.

West Ham's Eyal Berkovic, on being kicked by team-mate John Hartson during an altercation in training