Under your leadership the lunatics have taken over the asylum. You are not running your party. The policy of your party is determined by the headbangers you have surrounded yourself with in the Shadow Cabinet.

Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, to William Hague

You run around Europe giving more false impressions than Rory Bremner.

William Hague to the Prime Minister

I wonder if you thought, as the bleeding women and children were carried into hospitals, that those who were diminished and degraded were not the Iraqis but us - by being reduced to being a tail on this verminous and mangy Desert Fox.

George Galloway, Labour MP, addressing the Prime Minister in the Commons on the bombing of Iraq

President Saddam is a man to whom a last chance to do right is just a further opportunity to do wrong.

President Clinton

We are for indulgence, greed, all the fun stuff, so we approve of Christmas.

Gavin Baddeley, self-proclaimed Satanist

The State Duma appeals to Monica Lewinsky to undertake corresponding measures to restrain the emotions of Bill Clinton.

Motion in the Russian parliament, urging her to intervene personally with the President to stop Desert Fox There is a risk that judges in future will have to declare even if they have been Boy Scouts.

Lord Ackner, on Lord Hoffmann's conflict of interest in the Pinochet case

Labour take pleasure in the concept of joined-up government. But on the constitution, they are more into painting by numbers.

Peter Brooke MP, former Conservative Cabinet minister

If you disagree with the Commission for Racial Equality, they can really become quite thug-like.

Blondel Cluff, CRE whistle-blower