Picture question: They bred a flightless variety, in the hope that they would eat more crop-damaging aphids.

1. She will be in a play about human rights, as part of British Law Week, to coincide with Tony Blair's visit. 2. Former air stewardess Lucy Fensom flew the donkey from Israel to an animal sanctuary, after discovering him "bedraggled" outside Jerusalem. 3. Millennium Dome bosses, who are to conduct an opinion poll on how to fill the British zone. 4. A planet, 154 light years away, which was discovered by Drs Geoff Marcy and Paul Butler, and Kevin Apps, a 25-year-old student. 5. President Vaclav Havel, the Czech leader, suggested in a broadcast that Ms Albright, the daughter of a Czech diplomat, could be his successor. 6. Judge James Pickles, responding to a note written by the writer Willie Donaldson under the pseudonym, Liz Reed. 7. Mike Golding, who crewed the winning yacht in 1997's BT Global Challenge, is to sail around the world alone. 8. His advisers have told him to say "sorry" for the Crusades of the 11th-century. 9. The Queen. 10. He and Piglet - cut-out mascots by E H Shepard - were kept in the cockpit by a pilot during the Battle of Britain.