Cutting Edge 2pm R4. Tom Georgeson (Harry in Between the Lines) takes over from Tom Watson as John Harvey's lonely, jazz-loving Nottingham- based detective Charlie Resnick - this one's about a knife attack on a doctor.

Hitchcock and the Beast 10am R4 FM. No, a different Hitchcock: this is Andy Hitchcock, a journalist from Devon, here investigating the Beast of Bodmin - according to locals, not only alive, but breeding.



A Square of One's Own 11pm R4. A spoofy four-part account of the Bloomsbury Set - untopical and unsubtle (characters called Virginia Woof and Lytton Strychnine), but strangely appealing. Take those stones out of your pockets.


Julie Enfield Investigates the Net and the Canal 11pm R4. Another offbeat thriller by Nick Fisher, starring Imelda Staunton as the self- willed policewoman - this time, contending with murder on the canal and odd messages on her computer.


Mining the Archive 3pm R3. On what would have been his 75th birthday, a celebration of the great hornplayer Dennis Brain; the music includes a recital recorded in 1957 for the BBC, a few days before his death.