The Location: Sleek-legged ladies try their best to ignore the pile of rubbish at the bus-stop outside Jaeger and Waterstone's in Hampstead High Street. The flea-ridden carpets, broken chairs and bin bags, almost obscures their view of the street's chic boutiques and the public's view of them.

The Complaint: This site has been nominated by Hampstead resident Jackie Robinson, who says: 'I've been getting off at the bus stop for the past three months, and the pile is always there. Because it's so large, it's difficult to get past. It's a real eyesore - God knows what tourists think. The cleansing people are obviously not organised.

The Reply: A Camden Council spokesman said: 'Our street cleansing is contracted out to ONYX, who are French-based. The sweepers might pass a pile of rubbish, but have to be instructed to clear it. We ask residents to tell us of litter problems. I'll check why this spot is like it is. We'll clear it up.

Camden Council Environ-mental Health (071-278 4444).

Blow the whistle: Independent London invites readers to nominate sites which are persistently filthy and otherwise neglected by councils. We will follow up the initial report.

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