Readers' lives: This month: The joy of Saturday mornings

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Your assignment

Each month we set readers a photographic assignment and offer them the chance to have their picture published on this page. The brief for July is Saturday mornings. Please send your photographs (in either colour or black and white, preferably in print form) to Readers' Lives, The Independent Saturday Magazine, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL. Do not send originals as photographs cannot be returned. The winners of Readers' Lives: the joy of Saturday mornings will be showcased throughout July.

This week's winner

The atmospheric photograph, above, was sent in by Jimmy Symonds from Marston, Oxford. The picture, entitled 'Park Town' after the Oxford suburb in which it was taken, shows two friends of the photographer in their basement flat. "They had recently married," recalls Symonds, "and I was visiting them for breakfast. We'd just finished eating when somebody walked past the window. The morning light was just right, and when my friend looked up, I clicked the camera. It looks like I'd set the picture up, but I was just lucky to capture the moment."