These cufflinks are rather fun and would make an amusing present for someone you know with a very high-powered job. Who could resist getting to know a man who had the balls and humour to wear such things on his cuffs? (Of course you can also wear them if you are a woman.) They do lots of other witty cufflinks, such as "Put Up / Shut Up" and "Can Do / Can't Do", "A Hard Man / Is Good to Find" and "Love's a Disease / but Curable". They also have beautiful ones in gold-plated solid silver shaped as miniature gardening tools, cricket bats and tennis racquet and ball. AB

Sackville & Jones cufflinks pictured, pounds 15, available from Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London SW1; Liberty, Regent Street, London W1; Fenwick, New Bond Street, London W1 and by mail order (call 0171 405 3100 for details).