I want a pair of assemble-them-yourself hide moccasins, the sort that come in a kit with laces that will pull through. They last about 20 years if you add stick on soles and heels. They were imported from Canada but now are not available. Can you help?

Keith Lysons, Darley Dale, Matlock

I am red faced as I embark on this week's column, because despite the reconnaissance talents of two highly trained fashion-type people (myself and Anna), we have uncovered nothing. Of course there will be somewhere that does them but where? Who can tell me? Unlike Captain Moonlight, I have no goodies to offer, only good karma. We did uncover one interesting fact, and that is a shop called Santa Fe in Bruton Place, London, W1, which sells a selection of "ready to wear" moccasins made of deerskin (with laces), some have sheepskin linings and are more like slippers, priced approximately pounds 40. Unfortunately it is closing down, but it is having a closing down sale on 8 and 9 October (hurry hurry) which will include a wide selection of moccasins. Oh, Keith, don't hate me, but if any kind readers write in I'll pass the info on.

Please, please could you help me find out where to buy "Minimollet" and "Supermollet" plastic clothes pegs, made by a company called Brev, Italy. I know this is not strictly fashion, but a good clothes peg is so necessary to keeping one's fashion items clean and fresh. I am afraid no others will do - Muji are stylish and grippy but slide along the line and various other plastic and wood varieties just don't match up to a heavy pair of wet jeans and a brisk wind. Mollets are just the best. I bought the last lot about 8 years ago, and they are now beginning to fail. They come in red, yellow, green and blue, clipped to a handle. I would be very grateful if you could locate a source for me.

Sophie Harrison, Shere, Surrey

Second failure of the week. Just as well I am not a man, otherwise this sense of non-success could have serious knock-on effects in the pants department. Sophie, I rang every darn shop up and down the country. I even tried an aunt in deepest darkest Avellino. Nothing. Once again I throw my arms open to any readers willing to help me out of this impotent pit.

I have one quick question for you. I saw a Jil Sander suit which is a shade over pounds 1,000 (I can't write the exact figure in, I'm too embarrassed). I'm not rich but I can just afford it. I am in a total quandary as to whether or not to buy it. I'm usually decisive but I CAN'T DECIDE WHAT TO DO. All my friends say I am mad to spend so much on a suit. What do you think?

Rebecca, Kent

Oh, Rebecca. You want me to give you permission don't you? You want me to say "it's okay, it's investment dressing". Stop getting yourself into such a flap. Buy the suit. Jil Sander is a supremely classic designer and you will no doubt wear it loads. It will not go out of fashion and as long as you're not going to starve if you spend the money on this suit then OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BUY IT, YOU SILLY GIRL. Anyway, wearing a Jil Sander suit will no doubt elicit all sorts of dinner date invites, so you won't go hungry. Your friends are obviously jealous. So start practising writing the amount on your cheque book. (PS: don't even consider having children if the purchase of an item of clothing reduces you to a gibbering, indecisive wreck.)

For the last couple of years my husband has been very attached to a sort of under-garment I can only describe as a singlet-and-boxer-short-combination. This he wears in bed instead of pyjamas. The "well-known" chain store (M&S) from which this garment was purchased apparently no longer makes them. Some sports shops sell something similar, but they are too tightly fitting and Lycra-bound to be suitable for bed. Can you help?

Jane Jackson, Egerton, Kent

I bought a great all-in-one thing from Gap last year. It had long legs, though. The crotch was around my knees, but I found it great for sleeping in when the winter set in and my husband was away doing the things that he does. This is what we have found for you (hurrah! Success!) The Original Jockey Sleepwear set, comprising a generously cut, soft combed cotton T-shirt, with a comfortable, knitted trunk (pants), with flat locked seams for extra comfort, comes in four colours/patterns: navy/ecru stripe with navy (ie navy T-shirt and striped trunks); charcoal and grey marl stripe with grey marl; blue/green tartan or red tartan, pounds 18 for the set, from department stores nationwide, call 0191 491 0088. Hom has a two-piece set of Bermuda-style shorts and long sleeved or short sleeved T-shirt in cotton jersey and in a range of colours, price from pounds 50, available from Selfridges. It does have an all-in-one of vest and shorts but it is more fitted so probably not suitable (priced pounds 50). Not great this week, huh? But I really, really tried. I'm off on two week's well-earned holiday, back on 27th. Miss me. My job, pigs, kids and husband's cigar habit depend on it.


If you've written in requesting a shoe directory, please be patient. My pigs ate the hard disc so I have to start inputting again when I get back from holiday. You should get something in about six weeks' time. Sorry for the delay, it will get to you soon-ish. Annie