It was a bit of a worry, what to feature on this week's page. Mindful that we would all be a little too full of Christmas fayre, I didn't want to have lots of tight clothes that would make you all feel guilty about having eaten so much...And what could be more comforting than...bed clothes and bed jackets. What happened to bed jackets? Bring back these glorious items of clothing I say, they are so glamorously tacky, and remind me of saucy, gin-soaked sea side land ladies. I think we should all start wearing them again and an ideal place to look for them is charity shops. Don't forget to wear mules and invite the milkman in for a cuppa.

Photographs by Martin Crook

Styled by Zoe Brown

Make up by Kate Lee using Shu Uemura

Hair by Phillip Fennah at Jo Hansford 0171 495 7774

Modellled by Zoe Gray at Models One