In films, Bette Davis never got caught in any old dressing-gown, she would waft around in a panelled satin number. But had this glorious Georgina von Etzdorf dressing-gown been around then, you can bet Bette would have had one. She would have joined an illustrious client list - Isabella Rossellini, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, they all have something of Georgina's in their drawers. Born in Peru, Von Etzdorf is perhaps more famous for her wonderful scarves in devore, silk and organza. The specialised printed processes which hallmark her designs are all done by hand to achieve those unique colours and touch-me textures. The dressing gown comes in one size only and is a unisex garment, so you can timeshare it with your partner. Be warned however, wearing it is such a joyous experience - imagine being caught inside a Walnut Whip - that you'll never want to get out of it to get dressed. AB

! Georgina von Etzdorf velvet dressing-gown available in chocolate brown with gold splashes, black with pink, and navy with gold, pounds 750 from 149 Sloane Street, London SW3 and 50 Burlington Arcade, W1. Telephone 01722 326625 for nationwide stockists