This would make a great present for someone's 21st; probably from an older relative, as young things might not have the pounds 100 plus to splash out. It certainly beats that nasty faux metal "key to the door" that some people get for their score plus one. Jewellery designers Dan Dower and Diane Hall took the cast for this key from some antique keys found at a market; they kept the battered marks and added their own design at the top. Their silver pieces are hand-polished to give a satin effect. This key on a chain is a modern classic: I can see it being passed down the generations. It would also make a novel love gift, as in: "This is the key to my heart." AB

Satin finish sterling silver key on a chain, pounds 126 by Dower & Hall, available from 60 Beauchamp Place, London SW3 (telephone: 0171 589 8474)


Looking anywhere near stylish when the pavements spit puddles at the back of your legs isn't easy. This mini trench coat won't solve those problems, but it will make the top half of you so like Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall or any of those other ballsy and fashionable chicks that it really won't matter. This is a really top buy: it is modern, cut well, looks great, and yet is not so screamingly trendy that you will be embarrassed to wear it next year. It will suit you if you're a teenager (wear with knee boots and a little bag) or a bit older (wear with knee boots, or trousers and ankle boots, and a bigger bag). AB

Shiny double breasted mini trench coat, pounds 99, Fenn Wright & Manson, call 0171 323 4821 for stockists.