As winter draws in, a nice snuggly coat is a good thing to have. And this Amanda Wakeley shearling (sheepskin) coat is a glorious thing. If I had a coat like this, I should always wish for winter. It's very long, wraps round your body like a lover and can be belted tight or just left to trail behind you ( ... like a lover). Amanda Wakeley is a relatively new designer who launched her label five years ago after designing for private clients. Her designs have a golden screen glamour to them (had this been the Forties you could imagine Davis and Crawford being among her clientele). So it's no surprise that she won the Glamour Award at the British Fashion Awards for two years in a row, in 1992 and 1993


Amanda Wakeley sheepskin coat, in colour shown only, pounds 2,500 in sizes 8-14. Available from the Amanda Wakeley, 80 Fulham Road, London SW3, tel: 0171 584 4009.