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The relationship some people have with their jeans outdoes most marriages for depth and longevity. Whereas a man might not worry if he hasn't seen his wife for three days, put creases down the front of his jeans and he will squeal and flap like an oil-slick stricken seagull. Make, cut, fit and colour are crucially important in jeans, with old-timer Levi's still the favourite but New! Trendy! Japanese! label Evisu is bringing up the rear. Here we took four people who are passionate about the stuff and asked them about their denim habit. The clothes featured are the models' own but where possible we have given current stockists and prices. For those keen to go on to the next big thing, beware: snow-washed denim is said to be on the way back. Sadly, it may be time to have your hair frizz- permed and to retrieve the lacey gloves from the bin marked "garbage". It's fashion, you have to follow it.

Eddie Prendergast, 35, MD of Duffer of St George, wears a Levi jacket he bought in Japan but similar to the Levi's Type 2 jacket, pounds 87 from Levi's, Regent Street, W1, inquiries 01604 790436; Evisu T-shirt from a selection at Duffer and PIL as before and his own Duffer's jeans from a selection. "I alternate between wearing Levi's, Duffer of St George, and Evisu. Levi's because credit where's credit's due, they are the best. Duffer because we've researched denim and understand the look and fit. And Evisu because they've taken jeans a stage further. I love my Levi's 'Big E' vintage jacket. I bought it for pounds 10 from an ad in Loot. The best way to keep dye from fading is to wash with no soap powder on a cool or cold wash or even better, don't."

Liz Collins, 25, photographer, wears Levi's boot-cut jeans, pounds 50 from Levi's, Regent Street, W1, inquiries 01604 790436; vintage Calvin Klein shirt, (pounds 2 from a jumble sale) and vest from a selection at Marks & Spencer. "I'm most comfortable in denim. I work, rest and play in it. Jeans have made up a large part of my wardrobe since I was a girl. I love my shirt, it's probably as old as I am. It's tight and it's been responsible for some of my best night's out. Levi's are my favourite brand especially the 607 boot-leg and 501 anti-fit."

Orlando Reindorf, 28, wholesaler, wears Evisu jeans from pounds 155, available from PIL, 61 Neal Street, London WC2; shirt, by Orlando, pounds 40, sold through Larache, 95 Parkway, London NW1. "I wear Evisu and have done for the last two years. It's a Japanese make, made on Levi's old salvaged looms. The denim fades incredibly well and they are true to any original vintage jean you'll find but are brand new. I paid pounds 140 wholesale for my first pair of Evisu with button fly. I've worn denim since I was a kid and do now because it is tough, comfortable and acceptable for work."

Simon Millington, 32, art director/designer wears Levi's Big E jacket from Camden Market, London NW1 and Levi's 501 jeans, approx pounds 54 from Levi's, Regent Street, W1, inquiries 01604 790436; shirt, pounds 50 from Duffer of St George, 29 Shorts Gardens, London WC2, tel: 0171 253 4395. "I've worn denim jackets and jeans since I was a teenager - mostly Levi's. I like the history behind them. I've also recently bought a pair of Wranglers - I liked the fit and depth of dye. I'm not keen on Evisu. Shame, because I love the denim - but the logo's awful, it looks like a seagull. My favourite piece is my 'Big E' jacket. It's a late Sixties design and cost pounds 65 from Camden two years ago."