It was the founder's grandson, Gordon, who really put this Speyside company on the map. Ena, who appears on the TV ads, is his wife - yes, really - and she provides the soup recipes. Audrey, their daughter, is chief executive.


All the evidence you need that you'd be better off trawling the Milk Round. The fashion house, started in 1923, has a long tradition of dynastic feuding and self-destruction. Culminated in the conviction of Patrizia Gucci for arranging her husband's murder. Now belongs to investors.


Luciano, who started Benetton in the Fifties, aged 14, still runs the Benetton empire (service stations, Formula 1, venture capital) with siblings Giuliana, Gilberto and Carlo and sons Rocco and Alessandro.


The ultimate family business - all relatives welcome. Sicilian accent, a taste for pizza and a dislike of horses are adequate qualifications.