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TO CELEBRATE Noel Coward's centenary, Chichester Festival Theatre is staging a production of Easy Virtue. Greta Scacchi plays the lead, a divorced older woman with "a past" who marries the only son of an upper- middle-class couple played by Wendy Craig and Michael Joyston. It's typical Coward wit, used this time to question the social conventions of the day which required women to please fasten their chastity belts. Coward is finding renewed popularity - his plays might be set in the Twenties but most of us have "a past" these days, though maybe not as colourful as the director's brother. Maria Aitken, Jonathan's sister, is calling the shots with this production.

Chichester Festival Theatre 23 July to 2 Oct (tel: 01243 781312).

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IT'S TAKEN a while, but finally technology has come up with a way to spice up your mouse life in the shape of the K-mat. This mouse mat fits snugly on your thigh and has been designed to help to ease repetitive strain injury caused by excessive mousing. Keeping your hand on your leg helps to encourage correct posture and puts less strain on the arm, which has to be a good thing.

pounds 9.99 including p&p by mail order (tel: 01202 248297).

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THOSE CHEEKY crisp makers Bensons have come up with a new corn snack to embarrass adult snackers. Space Wars come in spacy tomato, alien onion and cosmic cheese, but the flavours are not really the point; as you munch away your tongue will be turning a brilliant red, blue or green. They are bound to be the must-have canape for the under-10 party circuit, not least because it means, this time at least, the grown-ups will think twice before tucking into them. Offer one to someone you hate.

Bensons Space Wars, 20p, available nationwide.

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THERE WAS a time when teenage girls waged tearful wars with parents over the thorny issue of pierced ears, but now you're more likely to be considered a freak if your skin isn't perforated by little holes in unusual places. But squeamish wannabe fashion addicts who pale at the mere thought of a needle, take heart - now you can pierce your hair. HQ's jewels come in a selection of pretty colours set on a spring which attach to your bouffant. Your mum'll love them and they don't hurt a bit.

pounds 6.95 for 10 by mail order (tel: 0171 229 2836).