BUT SOFT, what Bud Light through yonder window breaks? As everyone knows who's seen Shakespeare in Love, this is the moment when Romeo sees his heart's desire on that famous balcony. As a health-conscious twenty- something into wind surfing and skiing who doesn't want a fat stomach to take the edge off his drinking pleasure, Romeo knows a low-calorie lager when he sees one.

Bud Light claims to be the second most popular beer in the US, beaten only by its stablemate Budweiser. It has a respectable alcohol content of 4.3 per cent, but 25 per cent fewer calories than other leading lagers. And next month it arrives in Britain.

One of Bud Light's ads has a beautiful woman saying: "I like men. But I hate their guts." So, needing to keep my torso in its rippling glory, I got some Bud Light last week and found it, well, much like other lagers. But then I guess that's the point. It was pale, smooth, refreshing, maybe lacking a little in flavour, but I'd happily drink it again. Anyone for beach volleyball? JA