Alice Old, 10

My sheep necklace was from Tammy Girl, a bargain at pounds 1.50. The "Manga" T-shirt [a Japanese cartoon strip] was from a stall in Camden Town which is also where my hat is from. I thought it would be a good summer hat. I get a lot of my clothes in Camden, I like it there - there's always lots to look at and buy. My combats are by Benny Dee. I choose all my clothes myself, I've done so since I was about six. My mother has no say in what I wear! I don't really like having my picture taken and I wasn't bothered about what I wore. I tried a few different poses for this shoot and in the end I pulled my hat down over my head because the man in the New Radicals wears his like that. My favourite subject at school is art.

Alex Salvesen, 14

I always think I look stupid in photos. I'd done modelling before, for Vogue Homme International, where I was wearing clothes from Steinberg & Tolkein and we were all out in the woods. But I'm not sure that I want to go into modelling - I don't think I've got what it takes. But I do like taking photographs - that interests me far more. I'm wearing my Nike sweatshirt and a baseball cap, which is sort of how I usually dress although I prefer designer sports clothes rather than "sports" sportswear. The first pose I did was the same as Marcel's, so they didn't use it. So there was no particular intention behind what I did, I just wanted to get it done because I was thirsty and wanted a drink. I'm not sure I like it, 'cos I was sucking in my cheeks.

Marcel Findlay, 14

The shirt's by Barron, hat's by Nike, my trousers (although you can't see them) are in blue silk, by Versace. My bracelet's from H Samuel. I'd describe my style as unique, I don't follow anyone, I make my own statement which is "be as mad as you want to be, or as casual". I was spotted in my youth club and I definitely wanted to do this photo shoot. I like having my photograph taken and I liked this picture. I want to be a model and an interior designer - I want to have something more secure to fall back on. Taking pictures is boring. As the model at least you get to move around. In my view the photographer just takes pictures. My favourite designer is Versace. Expensive? Yes, but if you like it you have to buy it, although my parents buy it for me.

Phillipa Horan, 18 I found these zebra-print leggings in the street in Ladbroke Grove. There was a whole pile of them and I picked out these. My skirt is from Domsey's Warehouse in Brooklyn, the graffiti T-shirt I'm wearing was made by a friend, the charm bracelet is by Chanel, stiletto boots from a charity shop and the bag was from a flea market. I'm at art college now and I've been dressing like this for a couple of years, I'm influenced by the trashy elements of the Eighties. I also listen to that sort of music: Debbie Harry, The Bangles, that kind of thing. Katy England spotted me in a club and asked me to model. It sounded like a good idea. I like having my picture taken. The reason I'm sitting down and everyone else shot themselves standing up was purely practical: my feet were hurting.