Have you seen Notting Hill yet? In it, Julia Roberts wears a fabulous Chinese jacket on her first date with Hugh Grant (at his sister's birthday party). It's silver grey and covered with small embroidered flowers. I'd really like to have one or something like it. I'm half Chinese, and like to look ethnic but most of the Chinese clothes I find make me look like a waitress in a Chinese restaurant. I'd like something as elegant and understated as Ms Roberts' jacket.

Kitty Curran, via e-mail

The actual jacket in the film is an antique one and it belongs to Shuna Harwood, the costume designer of Notting Hill. She has had it for ages but sadly doesn't remember where she got it from. Shuna thought it looked so good on Julia (they obviously had a bit of a girlie trying-on session) that she let her wear it for the film. Julia then fell in love with it, but no, Shuna did not give it to her, which I think is rather cool. You will have to do a bit of hunting around (and you didn't tell me where you live; e-mailers, please remember to do this) because an antique one (and not something that will make you look like a waitress) comes up rarely. Try top vintage stores such as Virginia's (tel: 0171 727 9908); Cornucopia (tel: 0171 828 5752); Steinberg and Tolkein (tel: 0171 376 3660) or the Gallery of Antique Costumes and Textiles (tel: 0171 723 9981). Eventually one will surface and it will have been worth waiting for.

In June last year, while visiting Hong Kong, I bought a truly fantastic bra. The bra I am searching for (34B please!) is called the Triumph Maximiser. It was advertised in Hong Kong as "The T-shirt bra" but the label reads "maximiser 018MVT" and it came in a range of colours. It is a miracle bra for anyone like me who likes to wear sheer, fitted tops. I have enquired in Australia, the US, Moscow and London. I have spoken to a Triumph sales rep in South Africa and tried on the internet, so you are my last hope. I know you are going to recommend something else like the Triumph Bijou bra, the Calvin Klein seamless bra, or the pretty one with the lace around the back in Johnny Lou-Lou's, or even the similar bra in Secrets, but I can honestly say that I have already tried them all and they don't come close. I'm not keen on pointy boobs, squashed boobs or boobs that appear to be pointing upwards. The Wonderbra is brilliant but I do need something seamless. Please help - I am desperate and am hoping to buy at least five so I won't be caught out like this again.

Georgia Adams, Moscow

PS To Sarah Morrison, south Leicestershire: I am also 5ft 10in and also have difficulty finding trousers, dresses etc that are cut long enough. But I have found trousers, size 42, at Kookai which go way past my ankles and most times past the soles of my feet.

Thanks for the tip for Sarah, Georgia, and I am honoured to have a correspondent from so far afield. I spoke to my trusty contact at Triumph who confirmed that the Maximiser bra is indeed available only in the Far East. They are seeing if they can suggest a source of supply but as I went to press there wasn't a concrete answer. From what you describe I would suggest you try La Perla's Sculpture bra, from pounds 66, sizes 32B-38C, in colours black, white and flesh (with gold being the spring/summer colour). It is a gorgeous bra, with pre-formed seamless cups and sounds just like what you're looking for. When it first came out I was desperate to get one, but sadly they don't come in my size. There isn't a stockist in Moscow but La Perla reassures me that its shop at 163 Sloane Street, London SW1 (tel: 0171 245 0527) is very helpful and could send it to you. The other thing you can do is access my underwear directory on the web (www.zoom.co.uk/dearannie) and have a read through that to see if it throws up any ideas. I will keep you posted re Triumph too.

Please could you tell me where I can buy a classic trouser suit in a petite size that is washable.

Joan McIlwraith, Doncaster

You didn't say just how petite you are but I contacted my petites expert, Helena Lomax of the Size 8 club, and she was superbly helpful. (You will understand that being a size 14, petite sizes are not my speciality.) She suggested a pale blue trouser suit from the Next Directory (tel: 0345 100500 for a catalogue). Debenhams' Ann Brooks range also has a few washable styles, ditto M&S. If you'd like a full copy of Helena's answer (and I'm afraid I can offer it only to you, Joan) then get in touch - preferably by e-mail if you can. The Size 8 club is, incidentally, offering trial membership for pounds 10 at the moment (tel: 01789 842307).

I think I may have the solution to Yu-hui Xiaolin's search (6 June) for a pendant watch. I was given a Storm watch on a chain as a Christmas present. It cost around pounds 45 and am sure that it is still available. I expect that you have had many similar responses but I would appreciate you printing this one as my mother reads your column religiously and this would make her proud!!

Rachel Street, Durham

Course I'll print it to make your mum proud. And thanks for that hot tip. Yes, Storm does still do the watch in two styles: the Flip Pendant and the Orb Pendant (the Orb is flatter). Both cost pounds 47.99 and are available nationwide (tel: 0171 874 6900 for your nearest store).