The Conran Shop

(tel: 0171 589 7401)

Millennial Bomb, pounds 79. A big chocolate bomb filled with 20 presents and hundreds of sugared almonds. Eight-wick table candle in beige and white, pounds 32. Silver- plated penguin cocktail jug, pounds 55. Gold and silver lacquered bowls for nibbles, from pounds 45. Tufted cushions in gold, red and burgundy, pounds 52.


(tel: 0171 240 1487)

`Nunc Est Celebrandum', pounds 29.50. Twenty two bitter-chocolate letters in a scarlet box. `Pesche di Vigna al Moscato' in a wooden crate, 2.71kg pounds 35. Enough to feed everyone. Antipasto Ricco Affilato, 2.8kg, pounds 39.50. Lambrusco Originale, pounds 14.50. Ligurian olive oil, 5 litres, pounds 79. Enough to last the whole year.

Valvona & Crolla, Edinburgh

(tel: 0131 556 6066)

White truffles from Alba, pounds 1,800 per kilo, or pounds 30 for a small truffle. Everyone should try these just once in a thousand years. Unpasteurised cheese truckle, Lombardy Gorganzola dolce, pounds 10.50 per kilo. Round white Italian crusty loaf, pounds 1.10. Italian Milanese panetone, pounds 11.99. Grand Tuscan red wine, Sassicaia 1995, pounds 90. Perfect for drinking now.


(tel: 0171 629 1234)

Tiara and wand set (second floor) pounds 425. To make your wishes come true. Silver-plated cigar cutter, pounds 45 (lower ground). Champagne boules, pounds 5.50 each (lower ground). Selection of fireworks, 36p-pounds 669 (fourth floor). Tattinger champagne collection,

pounds 85 (champagne & party shop, fourth floor). The ultimate party hat in pink satin with crystal beading, pounds 425 (second floor). Crackers, poppers and streamers, 99p-pounds 45 (champagne and party

shop, fourth floor).

Harvey Nichols

(tel: 0171 235 5000)

Millennium food hamper, pounds 2,000. The perfect way to welcome your palate into the new year.

Marni cushion, from pounds 320. Marlo double-faced cashmere hot water bottle, pounds 140. Christian Tortu candle, pounds 29.95. Cardin Cunietti rice bowls, pounds 5.50.