Real people: Why are they famous? Kirsty Young

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Main claim

High-flying newscaster oddly absent from many of our screens. Kirsty Young is much drooled over, but there are those of us who have not exactly witnessed her image beamed into our homes. This is because she is anchorwoman of Channel 5. Yes, the channel that has variously featured visual interference, wildlife documentaries, further wildlife documentaries, and obscure films starring Kate Jackson. However, Channel 5 has made Kirsty, and Kirsty is loyal to Channel 5. Latest news is that she has announced her nuptials. Yes, our heroine is to wed Nick Jones, a trendy It Boy type and media entrepreneur, who owns the private club Soho House. "She's a very special girl," explains Jones.


Newscaster. PR and corporate sponsorship regional manager. Lulu meets Wendy Turner.

Vanilla ice

Kirsty, 30, and a Scot, is one of the so-called "vanilla" broadcasters - blonde highlights, skilfully tousled layers, anodyne appeal, total professionalism. Kirsty is serious; she is headed for longevity. She is not teletotty (Gail Porter), nor a ladette (Zoe Ball), nor "whacky" (Katie Puckrik). First presenting the news on Scottish TV, she became the face of Channel 5 at its launch in 1997. She has also hosted Talk Radio's breakfast show, and enjoyed her own chat show. Kirsty has been hugely hyped, photographed for Vogue, and allegedly sought-after by ITV and the BBC. Her salary is estimated at pounds 500,000 upwards.

Wedding belle

Our protagonist's love life has been quite eventful for someone who looks like a bit of a good girl. She was involved from the age of 21 with Ian Pattison, the creator of Rab C Nesbitt. She was then engaged to a Glasgow restaurateur and dated a Channel 5 presenter and the Scottish rugby international Kenny Logan. Our heroine boasts thrillingly soothing tones and a gentle Scottish accent.

Fame prospects

At Channel 5, it may be rudely suggested, la Young is now such a big fish she's almost a great white whale. However, her contract is up for renewal soon. She may even be a natural successor to Queen Anthea. If she steers clear of Grant Bovey, OK! and too many highlights, further fame is virtually assured.