Rebirth of pool

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Pool shoes, those plastic slip-on sandals so beloved by Mediterranean men, have become trendy, proving that nothing escapes the greedy jaws of fashion. Although pool shoes are indispensable when used for their native purpose - to stop you getting verrucas as you pad around the pool sloshing around in everybody's footie bacteria - their status as everyday footwear is questionable. Plastic makes your feet sweat = makes your feet smell. But perhaps whiffy cheesy feet are also trendy, in that Dazed And Confused kind of way. Donna Karan has overcome this problem by making pool shoes that aren't really pool shoes (they have a partly suede top, hence you can't get them wet) but they look like them. However, if you swim, or are intending to go the beach you can't beat a pair of proper pool shoes - you can get them wet, they dry in a second and they protect your feet from hot sand/germs/nasty beach debris.

White suede/elastic mules, pounds 89, DKNY (sizes 3-8), 27 Old Bond Street, London W1, 0171 499 8089

Blue fabric wave rider flip flops (sizes 3-11), pounds 19.99, Converse, from Shellys, 266-270 Regent Street, London W1, and 42-46 Market Street, Manchester. Enquiries: 01372 731343

Black/yellow fabric flip flops (sizes 3-12), pounds 4.99, Shoe Express, 72-74 Oxford Street, London W1. Enquiries: 0800 192192

Black/white Adidas pool sandals (sizes 6-12), pounds 9.99, from all major sports stores. Enquiries: 0161 419 2500

Red & blue fabric pool sandals (sizes 6-12), pounds 9.99, Sergio Tacchini, from Sports Division/Olympus Sport, 301-309 Oxford Street, London W1 and branches nationwide. Enquiries: 01563 851166

Puma black and green pool sandals (sizes 2-5), pounds 9.99, Puma, from Olympus Sport, as before

Blue fabric flip flops (sizes 37-43), pounds 18, Diesel, 43 Earlham Street, London WC2. Enquiries: 0171 833 2255