The following are retail search terms around the world with the largest increase in hits for the week ending January 15, according to Experian Hitwise.*


" Tablet laptops," " built in cooker packages" and " Tesco clearance sale," in reference to the supermarket, were all popular search terms in the United Kingdom over the past week. However, by far the most popular retail-related search term was " chocolate cigarellos." The term refers to thin cylinder-shaped chocolate rolls, often used for cake decorating purposes.

In the United States, internet shoppers were searching for household accessories with the terms " black and white curtains" and " adjustable lamps"; space saving solutions with " toy storage" and fashion items with the phrase " women's boots."

Fashion was also the subject of several popular searches in Singapore, where internet shoppers were looking for " US clothing websites" and the very specific " cotton purple dresses for girls." Consumer electronics and household accessories were the theme of the popular search term " Harvey Norman Sale." The international retailer stocks items ranging from bed sheets to refrigerators and games consoles.

Online auction site eBay appeared three times in the top searches in Australia under the variations "' ebay," " ebay australia" and "" - the final term is the URL of the Australian eBay subsidiary.

Experian Hitwise* - Fast-moving search terms under the industry category Shopping and Classifieds, ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending January 15 compared with the week ending January 8.