With less than two weeks until Christmas internet search terms reflect what could be the big trends of this Christmas - in the UK consumers are looking for fairies and digital technology, shoppers in Singapore are getting sexy and Americans get high-tech.

The following are retail search terms around the world with the largest increase in hits for the week ending December 11 according to Experian Hitwise.*

Shoppers in the UK are looking for fairies with " fairy jar" and " fairy in a jar," the two most popular search terms in the week ending December 11. The terms refer to a new line of lighting known as fairy jars - the outdoor solar powered lights come in a variety of colors and sparkle at random.  Fairy jars retail for around £20 and have proved hugely popular among UK customers; though the items have sold out on Amazon they are currently still available to buy from gadget shop RED 5.

Other popular searches amongst UK internet users were digital radios/ CD players and " Luminox dv camcorder." The pocket sized DV camcorder is marketed to children over eight years old and features a 2.4 inch LCD viewing screen and retails for around £84.99.

Men in Singapore could be in for a surprise as " mens sexy underwear" was a popular search over the last seven days, although it came below the term " dog whole sale supplies cheap." However the most popular search term was " Beeconomics, referring to the East Asian Groupon-style daily deal site Beeconomic. This latest daily deal site has branches in Singapore, Kula Lumpur and the Philippines.

Flat screen TVs and Playstation phones were last week's most popular retail search terms in the USA. Recently leaked images and videos of the long awaited and highly anticipated Playstation phone sent the rumor mill into overdrive and tech fans scouring the internet for news of its release.  

Other popular retail words from around the world include '" home of hello Kitty" in Hong Kong, Ticketec in Australia and eBay associated classifieds site Kijiji in Canada.

Experian Hitwise* - Fast-moving search terms under the industry category Shopping and Classifieds, ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending December 11 compared with the week ending December 4.