Apple's iPod came top of retail-related searches in Singapore where the COMEX 2010 consumer electronics show is taking place September 2-5: the exhibition will sell items such as the iPod touch. Apple is also expected to announce updated versions of the iPod touch on September 1.

Ammeters - instruments for measuring alterations in electrical currents - were also popular search terms in Singapore.

In the UK, popular search term "magic vee" refers to a remote-controlled speed boat with a top speed of 20km/h which was recently reviewed on UK television program The Gadget Show. The boat retails for around £40 (€48). Wand-related searches were also popular in the UK,  with search terms referring to The Wand Company which has recently released a universal remote control in the shape of a magic wand.

Australian website, which offers users a deal of the day and encourages consumers to share the news with friends in order to reduce the price, saw an increase of 0.05 percent in retail related searches.

Experian Hitwise* - Fast moving search terms under the industry category 'Shopping and Classifieds', ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending August 28 compared with the week ending August 21.


1. iPod (new entry)

2. Ammeter in china (new entry)

3. puppies for sale (new entry)

4. seiko (new entry)

5. tv sideboard (new entry)

6. ammeter modular panel in china (new entry)

7. beeconomic

8. florist singapore (new entry)

9. leather + jeweled bags

10. pearlyn koh

United Kingdom

1. kyocera knives (new entry)

2. magic vee rc boat (new entry)

3. (new entry)

4. magic wand remote control (new entry)

5. magic vee (new entry)

6. online discount vouchers (new entry)

7. wand remote control (new entry)

8. ali cooper the girl on the swin (new entry)

9. the wand company (new entry)

10. magic vee boat (new entry)


1. spreets (+0.05%)

2. ticketek (+0.05%)

3. ticketmaster (+0.04%)

4. big w (+0.03%)

5. good guys (+0.03%)

6.  bunnings (+0.02%)

7. fantastic furniture (0.02%)

8. the good guys (0.02%)

9. lite n easy (+0.02%)

10. chemist warehouse (+0.01%)

 *Experian Hitwise analyzes data from a diverse range of ISP networks representing all types of internet usage. The data is collected from a sample of 25 million people in locations around the world.