Retail search terms around the world with the largest increase in hits for the week ending September 11 according to Experian Hitwise.*

In the UK the "Sony Vaio VPCEE2M1E/WI" laptop which retails for around €650 (£543)was one of the search terms with the largest week-on-week increase. Specialist supplier of car and vehicle parts was also popular with the search term "Proppa products."

The search term with the largest week-on-week increase in the US was, "rocking chair cushions," while ' Heelys for boys' was also a popular search term. Heelys are sneakers with a removable wheel in the heel, allowing the user to skate, while in shoes.

In Singapore, the Asics GT 2150 running shoe was one of the most searched for products with the term "Asics 2150 review."

In Australia the newly launched website Cudo was top of the list. The website, a joint venture with Microsoft and PBL Media, works on a similar basis to US site Groupon: a 'group coupon' is offered daily and if enough people sign up then the deal becomes available to all, if not, then no one benefits.

Experian Hitwise* - Fast moving search terms under the industry category 'Shopping and Classifieds,' ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending September 11 compared with the week ending September 4.