Retail search terms around the world with the largest increase in hits for the week ending September 25 according to Experian Hitwise.*


'Street gliders' was among one of the search terms with the biggest week on week increase in the UK. The term refers to a new trend in street sports - 'street gliding', participants attach small wheels or Street Gliders to the heel of their shoe, which allows the user to 'glide' around as if they were on a skateboard. Street Gliders retail for around £15(17.6€) on

In Singapore some of the most searched for terms related to fashion with ' guess mens leather watches' and shoe brand 'dr martens' being in the top ten. Earlier this year the iconic British footwear manufacturer celebrated its 50 anniversary by asking 10 artists including The Raveonettes and Black Flag to re-record some of century's classic tracks, the resulting mp3 is available to download at

Online clothing and accessories retailer Country Road was a popular search term in Australia, the online retailer stocks a variety of casual own brand men and women's clothing and ships throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Experian Hitwise* - Fast moving search terms under the industry category Shopping and Classifieds, ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending September 25 compared with the week ending September 18.