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Teletubbies Favourite Things (U) BBC, pounds 9.99 Just when you thought the hype was dying down, the BBC go and offload another collection. How much longer will they torture us? Scooters, bouncing balls and the usual "Eh"s and "Oh"s shape this piece of pastel nonsense.

Captain Pugwash (U) BBC, pounds 9.99 That's more like it. Swashbuckling adventures from the high seas as Captain Pugwash, Barnabus, Willy and Tom the Cabin Boy bravely battle it out with their arch enemy, Cut Throat Jake. Top entertainment for grown- ups as well nippers. HHHH

Animal Hospital 2 (E), BBC, pounds 10.99, right In this specially made video from the RSPCA's Harmsworth hospital, Rolf Harris and his dedicated gaggle of nurses bill and coo over broken kittens, puppies and gerbils with names like Posy and Fluffy, while their owners flirt with the camera.

The Canterville Ghost (U), Carlton, pounds 10.99 Oscar Wilde's superstitious tale, with Ian Richardson as the eponymous ghost disrupting the Canterville Chase dinner parties, Pauline Quirke as a bogus psychic and Rik Mayall as an evil exorcist.

Fiona Sturges