Wombling Free (U) VCI, pounds 9.99 Orinoco, Bungo, Wellington, Tomsk - these trailblazers of green consciousness are brought back to life (complete with that annoying song) in this enchanting feature film that sees Great Uncle Bulgaria calling a mass meeting in Wimbledon to discuss the litter problem. HHHH

Cadfael - The Rose Rent (PG) Carlton, pounds 10.99 Sir Derek Jacobi returns as the meddling monk whose serenity is interrupted by the suicide of a young monk. Meanwhile, the rich and beautiful widow Judith Perle bestows her house upon the abbey in return for the monk's daily prayers for her late husband's soul. HH

Deep Space Nine (PG) CIC, pounds 13.99 More intergalactic antics from the crew of the Voyager (the inferior successor to the Starship Enterprise) as Dax - who was ludicrously voted the sexiest woman on Star Trek - and Worf prepare for their nuptials. Come back Captain Kirk, all is forgiven. HH

Touching Evil (PG) VCI, pounds 10.99, right Taking time out from his more successful crooning career, Robson Green sports a furrowed brow and a giant scar as he plays hard man of the crime squad, Detective Inspector Creegan, hot on the trail of a serial killer. HH