This Life - Box Set (18) BBC, pounds 29.99 (right)

A group of bed-hopping twentysomething solicitors discuss each other's sex lives in the pub, take drugs in the toilets and argue about whose turn it is to buy the margarine. You'll hate yourself for loving it. HHHH

The Woman in White (12) BBC pounds 12.99

The customary Victorian preoccupations of murder, marriage and insanity fashion this dramatisation of Wilkie Collins's novel which tells the story of the Fairlie sisters and their bizarre encounter with the eponymous female. HHH

Our Mutual Friend (12) BBC, pounds 19.99

More costume-drama, this time based on Dickens. John Harmon discovers that he will only get his inheritance if he marries Bella (Anna Friel), a girl chosen by his dead father. The horrified Harmon takes drastic action. HHH

Ballykissangel (PG) BBC pounds 12.99

Whiskey-swilling "Oirishness" prevails in this highly successful TV series in which a naive young priest (Stephen Tompkinson) tries to curb his lust for a fiery barmaid (Dervla Kirwan). HHH

Fiona Sturges