NBA: Wired For Sound (E) Fox, pounds 9.99 "A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to play and win basketball" bellows the blurb. In actual fact, Michael Jordan spends more time in the locker-room than on the basketball court and offers most advice on how to look like a basketball star. HH

Elvis - Behind the Scenes (E) Visual, pounds 9.99, right A collection of rare footage and rib-tickling out-takes of the Burger King, from the slimmer, slicker, early stages of his career and his first TV performances right through to his final Las Vegas shows. Interesting, though rather depressing. HHH

Leonardo DiCaprio - Behind the Scenes (E) Visual, pounds 9.99 Same formula, different star, though this time he's alive and well and hasn't yet developed any more chins. This documentary is one for love-struck teens, since it boasts exclusive footage of the Titanic star as a baby-faced student. HHH

Patient: X-File 11 (E), Fox, pounds 14.99 A disbelieving Mulder dismisses the mounting evidence of alien warfare. Meanwhile, in the mountains of Khazakhstan, UFO zealots are summoned to take part in a group alien abduction. But something far stranger occurs... HH

Fiona Sturges

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