The Very Best of Men Behaving Badly (15) VCI, pounds 13.99 Providing misplaced justification for a nation of slobs, the beer boys return with hard nights spent in The Crown, inane discussions of Gary's turbulent relationship with the long-suffering Dorothy and Tony's desperate attempts to get together with the girl upstairs.

Red Dwarf Xtended (right) (12) BBC, pounds 14.99 The quest for a decent curry still continues unabated, even when the nearest chilli is three million light years away. It's nice to know that Lister can still prioritise in this seventh series of the cult sci-fi spoof. Sadly, it is still not a patch on the marvellous first.

Talking Heads (PG) BBC, pounds 16.99 Tea and fairy cakes characterise Alan Bennett's observations of English life, from the working-class upwards, seen through the eyes of six distinct characters. Tragic yet hilarious, these monologues confirm Bennett as one of our most enduring and popular social commentators.

Welcome to Ballykissangel. (PG) BBC, pounds 10.99 Never mind Eastenders. For a glimpse of the rural "Oirish", here's another chance to see the first encounters between Father Peter (the ubiquitous Stephen Tompkinson) and Assumpta, as well as behind-the-scenes stuff.

Fiona Sturges